• ZMSC - Standards

    Started by Blackout: ZMSC Standards are guidelines on safety and quality. CREDITS SECTION(CS) --------------------------- Credits Section 1.0(CS-1.0): ...

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  • ZMSC - Responsibilities

    Started by Blackout: The ZMSC members goes as follows: Dark Cider - Co-Founder ShadowHarvey - Co-Founder Ice cold - Co-Founder Amp -...

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  • Nominations For the ZMSC

    Started by Blackout: First vote is johhnn boy for ZMSC. note that if Johnny boy accepts this honor. Then Blackout will be leaving the ZMSC and placing Johnny boy at the...

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  • Anti Block mods

    Started by Blackout: Anti block mods must contain a whitelist of device ID's so that they can not on used by the public and only specific people. Anti block mods from...

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  • ZMSC - Looking Forward

    Started by Blackout: THIS IS AN ADVISORY OF THE FUTURE STRUCTURE OF ZELLOMODDERZ: Currently the founders operate the ZMSC. Due to a lack of experienced members to...

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  • Mod File Hosting

    Started by Blackout: Out of all the Zello mods posted only a few were able to download. Please check all your mod links. Due to failed download attempts and blank pages....

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  • Privacy Statment

    Started by Blackout: ZelloModderz.org was founded in the ██BLACKOUT██ and we hold your privacy to the up most importance. In no way shape or form will your...

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  • Creating accounts

    Started by Blackout: You can use any characters you see fit to make your account. But it must be readable. One account per person. If you can't login let one of the ZMSC...

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  • Pitching in and helping out

    Started by Blackout: Sharing information is caring. Help fill up topics with useful information so we can all benefit.

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  • Creating Cataogries

    Started by Blackout: Each of the ZelloModderz may feel free to create there own topic for posting there own mods. However, you must contact the site admin and have a...

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